Healing meaning Beneficial Change

From a number of books I’ve read recently (especially The Physics of Miracles – see Links and Sources I’ve found helpful) and a practical workshop on Matrix Energetics last Saturday I’ve concluded that focusing on healing a specific physical condition is focusing on and giving energy to (reinforcing) that person’s Problem Set, whereas it is much better to focus on The Solution Set – of how that person might be if they were totally whole and at ease – and that would mean in all spheres of their being: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual etc. To that end I am now a stand for healing as beneficial change in a person, a change towards that whole and at ease state and will always now help look for that change for those who come to me.

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Need a Therapeutic Massage in Glasgow, Scotland?

If you are ever in need of a therapeutic massage in my home town of Glasgow, I  recommend my old friend Ian Holland, whose introductory massage course started me learning the arts of massage, Pulsing and Postural Integration many years ago.

Ian is still going strong and can be reached via his website: http://www.ian-holland.co.uk/index.html

His site has some interesting research on the beneficial effects of massage in relieving back pain.

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Rocking in 2012 with Pulsing

My all-time favourite therapy technique

My favourite all-time therapy technique is called Pulsing (based on Tragering after Dr Milton Trager in Hawaii who devised it originally, sometimes known as Bone Rolling, but with added enhancements). It was devised jointly by Silke Ziehl, who taught me, and Curtis Turchin. You can still learn it from Silke at the Open Centre in Old Street in London.

How does the Rocking work in Pulsing treatments?

Imagine you are naturally a beautifully flexible spring like a Slinky that can flow downstairs from step to step effortlessly but the spring has become compressed and kinked in places and no longer flows smoothly.

The rocking reminds your body what it felt like to be a Slinky again, longer and effortlessly stretched out and what’s more important it helps your energy to flow freely again from head to foot. Sometimes it can feel like being a baby again being rocked by your mother, an old memory that is very basic and human.

Technically it’s a light energy technique which can be used on its own or combined with many other techniques and used to balance the person or lighten another deep technique like PI i.e. Postural Integration (which I also studied with the originator Jack Painter and Silke Ziehl). Pulsing is  Reichian Bodywork in that it deals with the Bodymind through the physical and allows emotional release. In this it can be supplemented by e.g. Gestalt and aspects of PI.

It works mainly with the skeletal system and rocking the person rather than the soft tissue directly but affects the soft tissue indirectly. It works deceptively deeply. Most happens for the person when “nothing is happening” i.e. in the “gaps” or when the rocking is so slight it is only happening in the practitioner’s mind. It goes on working after the session, like cooking scrambled eggs. It often lasts longer than a purely physical bodywork session (if there is such a thing) since it allows the person to regain harmony and balance and possibly emotional release.

A major objective of Pulsing is to create a safe space for the person to move to from their present stuck-ness. Often by synchronicity the therapist and patient share a common stuck-ness on an issue but the practitioner can move both to a third place which is freer for both and both get the healing!

Another objective is  to encourage the person’s spine to extend by suggestion. All Pulsing is working with the spine!!!! When you rock you are rocking the whole person even if only by one toe.

And you work to harmonise the person’s energy.

Other concepts for practitioners

Use the infinity symbol to remind you of how you need to move in and out of the person’s energy. It’s important you keep coming back out to yourself and your centre to avoid getting stuck with the person.

Keep physical contact all the time. Don’t surprise the person by taking your contact away and then making contact suddenly somewhere else

Allow and facilitate emotional release but don’t make it an objective of the session otherwise you burden yourself and the person with it and you/they may be disappointed. Use whatever therapies you know to help and remember the simplest is just being there, supporting and not judging. You can say it’s OK to cry etc. You are not there to make the person feel better, just to help allow them to feel what they’ve been trying not to. Such feelings tend to evaporate when they have been felt. They may find some long suppressed words with the feeling that they need to say. Be careful with release of anger so no one gets hurt e.g. use a pillow to beat with fists, get the person to lie on the floor to avoid breaking your couch. Trust that the person knows what they are doing and will not get into releasing more than they can handle

Keep the rocking going all the time even if it’s only in your head. Keep visualising the vibration (like a sine wave) going from head to feet and back again.


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Do you get migraines? Apparently 20% of people do!

Migraines were one of the first things I found I was able to help people with when I discovered my talent for energy healing almost 30 years ago.

My first ‘patient’ was a woman who worked for me in the office who developed a migraine and was going to have to go home. I treated her for 10 minutes and the migraine went so she stayed at work – a win win! Others followed, often in a work context. In some cases the migraines stayed away for long periods.

When I put my hand on a migraine sufferer’s forehead I normally feel an excess of energy there and with my other hand on the top of the person’s shoulders at the base of their neck I am somehow able to siphon that excess energy off their forehead and into my breath and I breathe it away. At the same time I am visualising their energy flowing normally back from their head down their spine. Don’t know how it works! Just that it normally does.

And I know that as energy healers we are taught that you don’t take the other person’s energy into yourself and what I’m describing suggests I am temporarily doing just that but I think if God gave me a gift He/She knows better than anyone that how it works is ok.

I give lunchtime treatments in Covent Garden in London for £45.

In researching the subject I found the following very informative link with a good anatomical explanation for migraines being due to what this chiropractor calls meningeal torsion: http://www.premierfortcollinschiropractor.com/the-secret-weapon-for-migraine-and-headache-pain/

Sounds like another good way to get migraine relief.

As with all healing treatments I would strongly suggest that people always consult their own doctor first and supplement that with other modalities as necessary.

Happy migraine-free living!



Consumer Protection Regulations

To comply with the Consumer Protection for Unfair Trading Regulations 26th May 2008 which implement the unfair commercial practices directive. Any claims or statements made about healing /energy are not scientifically proven.

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Great Infographic on Alternative Therapies & Cancer

Via: Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance

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Anyone for Kiatsu?

You will probably have heard of Shiatsu, the therapy technique that uses often very firm finger pressure on a person’s energy points and meridians to clear energy blockages.

You will probably not have heard of Kiatsu, which is where you pass universal life energy from your fingers into the same points and meridians. The Ki is the same as the Chinese equivalent Chi as in Tai Chi and is also part of Aikido, the Japanese Martial Art, literally the way (do) of harmonising or joining with (ai) the universal energy (ki). Master (Sensei) Koichi Tohei, one of the disciples of Morihei Ueshiba, who devised Aikido has written a book about it called Kiatsu. It’s an easy to follow paperback in English published by Japan Publications Trading (December 6, 2002), ISBN-10: 4889960864 and ISBN-13: 978-4889960860. Amazon links:
us: http://www.amazon.com/Kiatsu-Koichi-Tohei/dp/4889960864
uk: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Kiatsu-Koichi-Tohei/dp/4889960864/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1310901009&sr=1-1
A visiting Japanese black belt made it clear that it was not about joining with the ‘little’ ki in your partner but with the big Ki of the Universal Life Force.

I experienced Kiatsu myself once when I hurt my shoulder in an Aikido session and the black belt instructor used Kiatsu on it. I felt heat then the pain in my shoulder was gone. Anyone can learn to do it but the practice of Ki Aikido strengthens the energy flow hence black belts tend to have the strongest and normally the only ones who are allowed to administer it on the practice mat.

Koichi Tohei has written a number of other helpful books about living your life with Ki and a unified mind, body and spirit. I can recommend them to you.

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Do you have back pain AND psoriasis?

It could be Psoriatic Rheumatism!

A wider family member recently had some tests when they had severe back pain and were told that there was a connection between that and their Psoriasis. First time I’d heard of it but sure enough when I looked it up it’s called Psoriatic Arthritis. Other possible symptoms include iritis and spondylitis. Google psoriasis back pain for lots of links! Then go back and see your doctor if he hasn’t already made that connection!

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Energy healing

For those with health and well-being problems that don’t seem to be purely physical or even to supplement the physical treatments for those that are, there are now many forms of energy healing available, especially the mainstream Reiki therapy which just about everyone has heard about.

However, there are many others and one of these is Energy Healing by members of the Kent International Healing Association. Their new website is at http://www.kiha.co.uk and has sections answering all the main questions people tend to ask about this kind of therapy. They have a highly-professional approach to training and qualification of healers which complies with the latest government legislation. Normally donations are invited rather than fees being charged, which can help those on lower incomes.

There are also many centres around the country where qualified volunteer healers offer energy healing such as the long-established Healing Fellowship in the crypt of St Mary-le-Bow Church on Cheapside in central London (close to St Paul’s tube station) every Monday afternoon from 1pm (excluding Bank Holidays).  Again donations are invited rather than fees being charged. You can simply drop-in in your lunch-break, no appointments needed.

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The hands-on treatment

Hands-on healing is one of the oldest forms of treatment and ‘rubbing it better’ is the instinctive human reaction we have when our children, partner or even ourselves are hurting.

I trained and qualified in Remedial Massage with the Northern Institute of Massage many years ago and although my own treatments have almost all been for my own family I have remained a member of the London & Country Society of Physiologists (the LCSP) ever since.

They are at: http://www.lcsp.uk.com/ and their website contains a Find a Therapist look-up so you can find a practitioner close to where you live.

As one of its many benefits, remedial massage loosens over-tight joins and muscles and tightens over-loose joints and muscles, in other words it helps to  put them back into a normal state. It also tends to relax the client in mind and body which helps the body’s own self-healing to work better.


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