The hands-on treatment

Hands-on healing is one of the oldest forms of treatment and ‘rubbing it better’ is the instinctive human reaction we have when our children, partner or even ourselves are hurting.

I trained and qualified in Remedial Massage with the Northern Institute of Massage many years ago and although my own treatments have almost all been for my own family I have remained a member of the London & Country Society of Physiologists (the LCSP) ever since.

They are at: and their website contains a Find a Therapist look-up so you can find a practitioner close to where you live.

As one of its many benefits, remedial massage loosens over-tight joins and muscles and tightens over-loose joints and muscles, in other words it helps to¬† put them back into a normal state. It also tends to relax the client in mind and body which helps the body’s own self-healing to work better.


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