There are many assaults against the feminine – why now?

I’ve noticed an increase in assaults against the feminine in the news whether it be the kidnapping of schoolgirls in Nigeria and enforced ‘marriage’ aka sold into sexual slavery, the enforced ‘marriage’ of underage girls in Iraq who have no say in the matter, or the horrible crime of female genital mutilation which appears to be worldwide. Angeline Jolie has also recently highlighted the increasing use of rape as a weapon of war. And rape in India has become so bad that it is now attracting the death penalty.

Why now?

My own theory – and hope – is that this is a definite sign that the era of male dominance is failing and on its last legs and these are all symptoms of its last desperate attempt to subjugate the female principle,  recognising that that will return to dominance for our greater good.

In the meantime would all you men please support and stand with all the women you love and all other women too, sign petitions, donate to charities, do all you can to help them get through this to a better time.

I’m sure all us men were women too in many previous lives but this is the life in which we can all make a difference by standing together.

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