As Above, So Below – or – As Within, So Without

There is an old Magical adage – As above, so below. In other words what happens in the higher more spiritual and refined energy realms of being is eventually reflected – after a time delay (time subjectively slows down as you go to a lower level of vibration) –  in the lower realms of vibration, ending up with the lowest vibration in the physical (Malkuth in the Tree of Life).

Remembering that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience this is really important.

Rather than thinking that you need to solve all your problems at the level of the physical World (Einstein said you cannot solve problems at the level at which they were created) try solving them at the higher level.

For that solution you may need celestial help because we don’t normally remember where we came from. Ask for Angelic help – which will always be given! We ALL have Angels helping us!

At that level, there is no problem. Life IS the treasure you came to Earth to experience, including the priceless opportunity of solving the problems you are facing !

To have the chance of being here, billions of souls are currently queuing!

Look at your life afresh, Spiritual Beings!

With lots of Love











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