Do you get migraines? Apparently 20% of people do!

Migraines were one of the first things I found I was able to help people with when I discovered my talent for energy healing almost 30 years ago.

My first ‘patient’ was a woman who worked for me in the office who developed a migraine and was going to have to go home. I treated her for 10 minutes and the migraine went so she stayed at work – a win win! Others followed, often in a work context. In some cases the migraines stayed away for long periods.

When I put my hand on a migraine sufferer’s forehead I normally feel an excess of energy there and with my other hand on the top of the person’s shoulders at the base of their neck I am somehow able to siphon that excess energy off their forehead and into my breath and I breathe it away. At the same time I am visualising their energy flowing normally back from their head down their spine. Don’t know how it works! Just that it normally does.

And I know that as energy healers we are taught that you don’t take the other person’s energy into yourself and what I’m describing suggests I am temporarily doing just that but I think if God gave me a gift He/She knows better than anyone that how it works is ok.

I give lunchtime treatments in Covent Garden in London for £45.

As with all healing treatments I would strongly suggest that people always consult their own doctor first and supplement that with other modalities as necessary.

Happy migraine-free living!



Consumer Protection Regulations

To comply with the Consumer Protection for Unfair Trading Regulations 26th May 2008 which implement the unfair commercial practices directive. Any claims or statements made about healing /energy are not scientifically proven.

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