Anyone for Kiatsu?

You will probably have heard of Shiatsu, the therapy technique that uses often very firm finger pressure on a person’s energy points and meridians to clear energy blockages.

You will probably not have heard of Kiatsu, which is where you pass universal life energy from your fingers into the same points and meridians. The Ki is the same as the Chinese equivalent Chi as in Tai Chi and is also part of Aikido, the Japanese Martial Art, literally the way (do) of harmonising or joining with (ai) the universal energy (ki). Master (Sensei) Koichi Tohei, one of the disciples of Morihei Ueshiba, who devised Aikido has written a book about it called Kiatsu. It’s an easy to follow paperback in English published by Japan Publications Trading (December 6, 2002), ISBN-10: 4889960864 and ISBN-13: 978-4889960860. Amazon links:
A visiting Japanese black belt made it clear that it was not about joining with the ‘little’ ki in your partner but with the big Ki of the Universal Life Force.

I experienced Kiatsu myself once when I hurt my shoulder in an Aikido session and the black belt instructor used Kiatsu on it. I felt heat then the pain in my shoulder was gone. Anyone can learn to do it but the practice of Ki Aikido strengthens the energy flow hence black belts tend to have the strongest and normally the only ones who are allowed to administer it on the practice mat.

Koichi Tohei has written a number of other helpful books about living your life with Ki and a unified mind, body and spirit. I can recommend them to you.

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