Reality, Magic and Information – Are You Ready for Change?

We cannot perceive reality through our 6 senses, only information we perceive to be about reality.

We can’t tell what’s really there in the Quantum Foam, which the quantum physicists tell us is all they can find when they look for reality.

What we call Magic is the magician’s power to change the information we perceive about reality by his or her intention…

The good news is…You are your own magician – you can change the information you receive about your own reality by your own intention! In fact – you always have!

But here’s the thing.

All the new information you receive which you perceive to be about reality is filtered through your beliefs about reality.

The general result is whatever new information you receive will only get through to you if it reinforces your existing beliefs. The rest will usually be discarded.  Which is where you are stuck.

That’s why you need someone else with new information about what your reality could be if you were willing to stop filtering it out and try it on for size. (Clue: You are much bigger and richer than you think!)

That information could be as simple as – why not focus on intending to be healthy (positive) rather than getting rid of an illness (negative) because your subconscious doesn’t understand getting rid of an illness and just gets “focus on the illness”.

Or the information could be in the form of healing energy which bypasses the sieve of your beliefs altogether as long as you are willing to let it in – and it can transform your reality from the inside.

In the Celestine Prophecy, James Redfield suggested that when you meet people by coincidence it is often because you have some information they need and vice versa.

Be open to new information from others! Even if at first your tendency is to reject it (filter it out).

And see how your reality opens up as a result!

And if I can help you with healing energy, please contact me to book a session.

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