We are here to help one another over the wall

In the movie An Officer and a Gentleman Richard Gere has the choice at the end of the film of running the assault course in the fastest time and getting the glory of having set a new record or of going back and encouraging and supporting his colleague to climb over the wall so she could complete the course and graduate. If you’ve seen the film you’ll know that he goes back and helps her climb it, actually climbing it with her to spur her on. She gets over the wall and graduates.

What choice would you make?

I believe we are put here to help one another over the walls in life that each of us hit sometimes, me included.

That is my choice.

I am happy to encourage by email (see my Contact Me page) those of you who have hit a wall and if you book a session with me to help in that way too with the Healing techniques I do.

Please get in touch if you’re stuck and need some help.

Best wishes



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