In the run up to the end of the current Mayan Calendar…

I can’t believe that it’s over six months since my last post ….. but I think that’s one of the things I’ve read recently that said time is accelerating – or am I just getting older?

I’ve been busy doing other things, including healing, culminating in taking part in an energy healing group on 12.12.12 wih a number of other healers. We circulated round about a dozen people and I gave healing to most of them. When I put my hands on one woman’s shoulders I felt I had just stepped into an express elevator – I felt myself lifted upwards with a whoosh and had to open my eyes to check my feet were still on the floor! (They were). The odd thing was that when I spoke to her afterwards she was completely unaware of what I had felt and had not experienced that herself. In fact for the others that I spoke to, they too had experienced something different from me in each case.

Which leads me to the subject of my post. What was the basis of my experience when giving healing to that woman? Was it something in me personally being affected by her energy or the energy I was channeling to her? Or was I picking up some unexpressed and unconscious power within her that had been triggered by the energy? And I will probably never know the answer to that.

You see the whole thing is a deep mystery! The reality is I that do not know where the energy that I transfer to others comes from or how indeed I transfer it and I certainly don’t know what they do with it when they get it.

What I do know is from what they’ve told me for over 30 years is that people feel the benefit of that energy – and that’s good enough for me.

If you would like to receive some of that energy please contact me using the Contact Me page above!

And what do I think will happen on 21/12/12? I believe it may be the beginning of a new phase of the spiritualisation of the matter that we inhabit – but I really don’t know that either!




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