It’s obvious to you why you came to me for healing – it’s not so obvious to me.

When you come to me wanting healing for something in your body your reason for coming is obvious – to you. It’s not so obvious to me.

I’m conscious that that something in your body may be just a symptom of something different – a need to change something in your life. That could be your physical lifestyle. It could be letting go of old emotional stuff. Or changing the way in which you see yourself, which I believe is getting closer to the root cause, as how we see ourselves is the key to how others see and treat us.

So much of what we experience as human beings is in relationships, both with ourselves and with others. In her book ‘The Bond’ by Lynne McTaggart she describes the scientific research that shows that we cannot even look at another person, even a complete stranger, without unconsciously putting ourself in their place and trying to experience what they appear to be experiencing. That may be painful and we may immediately shut ourselves off from that, but it’s fundamentally who we are, how we are built to be. The same goes for remembering how we felt in past experiences we had, the painful ones.

In the process of shutting ourselves off in this way I believe we also shut ourselves down and cut ourselves off from the universal energy that we need to sustain ourselves and that’s where our problems begin.

What I aim to do in each energy healing session is to re-connect you to the universal energy and remind you how good it feels to have that connection you were born with. From there it’s up to you. You can either say that was great and cut yourself off again as you go out the door or you can keep the connection going even though it means you will have to be more open to yourself and to others. I hope you will choose the latter.

And the problem you came in with, the reason you came in?

I believe that if you stay re-connected to the universal energy, you (your body, mind, soul and spirit) will have all you need to heal yourself. You were born with that connection and only you can break it.

With love


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