Energy healing

For those with health and well-being problems that don’t seem to be purely physical or even to supplement the physical treatments for those that are, there are now many forms of energy healing available, especially the mainstream Reiki therapy which just about everyone has heard about.

However, there are many others and one of these is Energy Healing by members of the Kent International Healing Association. Their new website is at and has sections answering all the main questions people tend to ask about this kind of therapy. They have a highly-professional approach to training and qualification of healers which complies with the latest government legislation. Normally donations are invited rather than fees being charged, which can help those on lower incomes.

There are also many centres around the country where qualified volunteer healers offer energy healing such as the long-established Healing Fellowship in the crypt of St Mary-le-Bow Church on Cheapside in central London (close to St Paul’s tube station) every Monday afternoon from 1pm (excluding Bank Holidays).  Again donations are invited rather than fees being charged. You can simply drop-in in your lunch-break, no appointments needed.

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