The Secret Self-Healing Handbook…

After what seems a long period of inner reflection since I ended my Inner Light healing group, I’m turning my light outward again and writing a book, a Handbook with some Secrets for Self-Healing.

You will be able to read more about it on my blog here: where I will be serialising it but first I need to reinstall it after someone trashed it in a cyber-attack. Someone doesn’t like the idea!


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It’s goodbye to Inner Light from me….

As numbers have been dwindling over the past few months and despite a change to a more central London venue, I’ve decided to move on from my Inner Light Meetup group and find other ways to bring healing into the world.

Buddha said that we all have to find our own inner light. I hope that in the last 3 years of running Inner Light, I and Ian and the other visiting healers have helped some of those who attended to find theirs.

If you have found yours, shine it! If you haven’t yet found it, keep looking! It’s there and by shining it you will help others find theirs!

I’m planning a new venture into selling a series of mellow healing meditations online and if you’re interested in hearing about them please email me on:

I look forward to hearing from you!

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For Virgil Anderson

“My name is Virgil Anderson. I came across your website and thought you might be interested in my message.

I was recently diagnosed with mesothelioma, which is a cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. From automotive to demolition work, I’ve had many jobs in my life that contributed to my exposure. On some jobs, the air was so thick with debris and asbestos you could taste it in your mouth.

When I was diagnosed with mesothelioma I needed immediate medical attention. I found a few websites on the internet that are supposed to help people with my type of cancer but nobody got back to me.

Then I found Even though I contacted them on a Sunday one of their patient advocates gave me a call back within minutes. They gave me a great deal of helpful information on doctors and resources available to me.

As a result of their website I am now being treated at the National Cancer Institute and the patient advocates have even provided me with financial assistance so I could afford a place to live during my cancer treatments. If I had not reached out to this website I would likely be homeless and more importantly in hospice waiting to die. These people gave me my only chance at survival.

I noticed you recently shared a link related to mesothelioma. Perhaps some of your website visitors could use the help of The website is filled with information on mesothelioma treatments and doctors, asbestos trust funds for victims, and a lot more. They also sponsor The American Cancer Society, the MD Cancer Center, and the Make a Wish Foundation.

If it’s not too much trouble, could you help spread the good work they’re doing by posting a link to on your website?”

Here’s the link:

Merry Christmas Virgil

from Bill

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Inner Light Healing Drop-in is now monthly on Mondays

Inner Light Healing Drop-in is moving back to its old home at Grosvenor Hall, Vincent Street (Marsham St end) London SW1P 4HB near Westminster, St James Park and Pimlico tubes.

Next one is on Monday 31st October at 6.45pm till 8pm.

Only a donation of £5 for healing from all the healers present!

For more details see the Meetup website and join Inner Light for free!

Welcome to Inner Light Drop-in Healing!

Monday, Oct 31, 2016, 6:45 PM

Grosvenor Hall
Vincent Street London SW1P 4HB, GB

1 Heal-ers and Heal-ees! Attending

Hi! I’m Bill Cooper, the organiser.Welcome to the Inner Light Healing Drop-in Meetup, which will now normally be monthly.My intention is that this meetup will be a chance for all those who need healing energy to come and receive it from myself and other healers at the meeting and also from the healing energy that is generated naturally by the who…

Check out this Meetup →



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He for She

I’ve just joined He for She which is a new organisation fronted by Emma Watson which asks men to sign up to standing up for women, like my call in my earlier post below.

Their text for a Tweet if you’re on Twitter is below – please copy and paste and send it!

Gender equality is not a women’s issue, it’s a human rights issue. It’s time for Men to stand up for Women @HeForShe 

I believe in this wholeheartedly….!


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Inner Light Healing Drop-in is now fortnightly from 19th November 2014

Due to an increasing demand for healing, I’m going to be running the Inner Light Healing Drop-in near Westminster fortnightly from 19th November 2014 (except December 31st!).

I look forward to seeing many more of you there!

Details here:

Blessings to you all,


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A Good Sign

After a Sudanese woman, Meriam Yahia Ibrahim, was sentenced to 100 lashes and death earlier this year for marrying a Christian man, Care2 member Steve Dolby started a petition that more than 176,000 people around the world signed — and in July, Meriam walked free.

This is a great example of what I asked all men to do in my last post – stand by all women, stand up for all women.

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There are many assaults against the feminine – why now?

I’ve noticed an increase in assaults against the feminine in the news whether it be the kidnapping of schoolgirls in Nigeria and enforced ‘marriage’ aka sold into sexual slavery, the enforced ‘marriage’ of underage girls in Iraq who have no say in the matter, or the horrible crime of female genital mutilation which appears to be worldwide. Angeline Jolie has also recently highlighted the increasing use of rape as a weapon of war. And rape in India has become so bad that it is now attracting the death penalty.

Why now?

My own theory – and hope – is that this is a definite sign that the era of male dominance is failing and on its last legs and these are all symptoms of its last desperate attempt to subjugate the female principle,  recognising that that will return to dominance for our greater good.

In the meantime would all you men please support and stand with all the women you love and all other women too, sign petitions, donate to charities, do all you can to help them get through this to a better time.

I’m sure all us men were women too in many previous lives but this is the life in which we can all make a difference by standing together.

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As Above, So Below – or – As Within, So Without

There is an old Magical adage – As above, so below. In other words what happens in the higher more spiritual and refined energy realms of being is eventually reflected – after a time delay (time subjectively slows down as you go to a lower level of vibration) –  in the lower realms of vibration, ending up with the lowest vibration in the physical (Malkuth in the Tree of Life).

Remembering that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience this is really important.

Rather than thinking that you need to solve all your problems at the level of the physical World (Einstein said you cannot solve problems at the level at which they were created) try solving them at the higher level.

For that solution you may need celestial help because we don’t normally remember where we came from. Ask for Angelic help – which will always be given! We ALL have Angels helping us!

At that level, there is no problem. Life IS the treasure you came to Earth to experience, including the priceless opportunity of solving the problems you are facing !

To have the chance of being here, billions of souls are currently queuing!

Look at your life afresh, Spiritual Beings!

With lots of Love











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A New Approach to New Year Resolutions! And have a Great One as a result!

I’ve been waiting to find something worth saying about the New Year beyond wishing you all a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Loving one – which of course I do! – before writing this post.

I just found it when I read Bill’s (not mine) Blog at on why New Year’s Resolutions don’t work. It’s because they leap straight into step 4 in manifestation! Before that comes step 1: the idea, step 2: affirming that you’ll manifest the idea, step 3: planning how to manifest the idea, step 4: putting your plan into action.

If you’re looking for beneficial change in 2014, don’t start with an action, start with a great idea for how you would like to change and do all of the steps!





Bill x

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